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Sometimes, no matter how diligently you brush or floss your teeth, you just can’t reach all of the little nooks and crannies. When these small spots go un-cleaned, cavities can form and your tooth can decay. Sealants are a quick and simple solution for preventing cavities. Sealants are a plastic material that bond and harden on the chewing surfaces of your teeth, filling all of the small fissures and pits that you can’t clean. This helps prevent cavities and decay.

When a tooth is sealed, the grooves in your teeth become a smooth surface and brushing your teeth becomes easier.

Sealants are commonly applied to children’s teeth once their baby teeth have fallen out and their permanent teeth have erupted. It is more common for permanent teeth to be sealed than it is for baby teeth, but every patient is different. Adults can also receive sealants on teeth that are healthy.

Sealants typically last three to five years, although it is common to see adults who have had their sealants for much longer. A sealant is only effective if it is fully intact, so if one begins to fall off, contact our office. A leaking sealant could actually cause decay.

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